One night in 1989 I dreamed I reached out and grabbed a hair from the tail of a running, disappearing donkey as it melted back into a tangled, dense, dark, convoluted forest. I managed to grab only one hair of the tail before it was gone. As in that dream, again and again, I have captured another single strand of this long, complex, and tragic tale, the history and technology of unethical hypnosis. Working with each single hair, I have struggled to create the form and essence of the original donkey.

It is hard to explain a subject so complicated, unfamiliar, and controversial. I wrote this book out of a fierce desire to restore and defend true facts about mind-control technologies. This is the only book, or even article, in this field ever written by a subject. Up to now, only hypnotists, psychologists, psychiatrists, journalists, and historians wrote of these things – with rare quotes from clients, patients, or subjects. There is a big difference between how they view this data and how a subject does.

By quoting from many sources (often rare and difficult-to-find), I have tried to provide in this book an honest print dialogue on the previously stifled topic of mind-control technologies. Here, the good-guy hypnotists are heard warning of potential misuses of hypnosis. The mind-controllers talk to one another in assumed privacy, as in CIA memos. And voices of the mind-controlled cry out – wounded, confused, angry, pleading for help.

Here it is…




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